Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I get for free?

A. Module 1 (all the lessons in Module 1 will always be free) :-)

Q. How much is it if I want a lot more than just Module 1?

A. Just $4.99 per month gets you ALL the modules that we ever add!

Q. Why would I want to pay $4.99 per month?

A. Because we will add a minimum of 10 new lessons / riffs EVERY MONTH!  And of course you will still have access to everything we have ever added in the past! And because we should be charging a lot more.  And because we are really nice guys! :-)

Q. What if I can’t find a riff that I really want?

A. Let us know.  We might add it.  And if you are a Platinum Member we will make the lesson for you!

Q. How do I pay for the Gold Membership option?

A. By PayPal on a recurring payment.  Safe, secure and trusted.  And you can cancel whenever you want. No minimum term!